If you’ve gone astray, lost your drive, or feel like giving up, the promise of the new year can fix all that. Here are a dozen resolutions to put you on track. The rest is up to you.

by Hyphenman on Jan 04, 2014

Words can speak louder than actions. But it’s actions that can give volume to the words and make them heard. Now’s the time to try.

1. Start With a Clean Slate

Welcome 2014 by finishing what you began in 2013. Wrap up any dangling projects before you undertake new ones. The old ones have dangled long enough.

2. Follow A Schedule

Write whenever you can on whatever schedule you can maintain. Don’t let the momentum slip away from you. If all you can do is scribble a few notes while on a bathroom break at work, that’s at least something.

3. Create Achievable Goals

Don’t fantasize about what you hope, wish, and pray you can accomplish. Set realistic and reachable goals. Then reach them.

4. Keep Marketing Foremost

Think about marketing while you write. If you think about it afterward, you will have written [read more]


We all make mistakes. Some of us more than others. A lot more. Here’s my unscientific selection of the ten most common ones in grammar, some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

by Hyphenman on Oct 22, 2013

A thinking cap is not something you should put on and take off when you write, like donning it when you sit down to work on your novel and removing it when you dash off an e-mail to a friend. If you’re serious about your writing, you should always be thinking, not just some of the time.

Based on what I see regularly on the Internet, in personal blogs, on professional websites, and in reviews on Amazon.com, it would appear that many people never put on their thinking caps. Or else they either don’t know anything about grammar, punctuation, and spelling, or they simply don’t care.

Tsk. Tsk.Top 5 grammar-lady-blog02B

Think of grammar and the rest as the clothes for your words, dressing them up to make them more appealing. In your personal life, do you get dressed when you’re about to meet a roomful of strangers and then go naked when you’re only going to see a couple of friends?

For an illustration of that very practice, check this out:
Some Naked Truths

Here are the most common grammatical errors committed again and again:
[read more]



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