The Myth-Busting Manual
on Great Writing

If only there were a magic pill or a secret formula for becoming a better writer.

But that’s as much of a myth as a lot of the information you’ll find in many of the respectable-sounding writing guides crowding the market and competing for your hard-earned cash.

They promise the road to success but deliver the recipe for failure.

My name is David Nickell, aka hyphenman. I am a professional writer and editor who decided to assemble the vast knowledge I have gained from a lifetime of award-winning reporting for newspapers, magazines, and journals and editing well over 10,000 stories prior to publication.

The result is The Guerrilla Guide to Dynamite Fiction, a primer on writing like no other.

My purpose was not to expose the shortcomings and failures of all the other books and magazine articles on writing. I only intended to share what I have learned, what I have observed, what I have experienced, and what I know works.

Along the way, however, I discovered that no one else was preaching what I practiced.

Instead, they prescribed:

  • Getting in touch with your right brain when you write and turning on your left brain when you edit. MYTH!
  • Beginning with an outline or synopsis will restrain and limit your creativity. MYTH!
  • You will become a better writer by unleashing your imagination to compose short scenes known as writing exercises. MYTH!
  • A publisher will probably change whatever title you come up with, so you need not worry about it. MYTH!
  • Give your characters free rein to take you into new, fresh, and uncharted waters. MYTH!
  • Your success is in the hands of a literary agent, so you’d best learn to cope with rejection until you land a good one. MYTH!
  • Don’t worry about revising, editing, improving, or tweaking your manuscript until you’ve completed it. MYTH!
  • Forget about the Muse knocking on your door and force yourself to write so many words a day or write for so many hours a day. MYTH!

The Guerrilla Guide to Dynamite Fiction exposes all those time-honored, conventional myths and tells you why they won’t work.

More importantly, The Guerrilla Guide to Dynamite Fiction gives you viable alternatives that will work!

In chapter after chapter, you will learn how to:

  • Create snappy, authentic dialogue that hooks your audience and keeps it  involved.
  • Connect with your characters in ways you never imagined.
  • Use humor, even if your novel is deadly serious, to elicit both an emotional and a visceral response from your readers.
  • Choose a title that makes your book a must-read and maybe, just maybe, a bestseller.
  • Practice your writing in ways that will heighten your skill and improve your thinking – all without ever resorting to dead-end writing exercises.
  • Save time, stay on track, and avoid countless headaches from inception to final draft.
  • Enlist the help and guidance of top-name authors and editors to polish any blemishes or flaws in your plot, your characters, or your writing. For free!
  • Never kowtow again to the unpredictable whimsies of dream-smashing, rejection-obsessed literary agents. You can kiss them off once and for all!

All this and more are presented in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide that not only coaxes you and inspires you to strive for the best writing you’ve ever done in your life but enables you to achieve it.

It’s like having an expert writing coach sitting right beside you.

If you like — both the blog and the Facebook page — and all the valuable information you’ve seen and read so far, you will absolutely love The Guerrilla Guide to Dynamite Fiction. Guaranteed!

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