Why Donald Trump
Will Be the Next President

He’s feared. He’s unlikeable, even loathed. Yet he’s going to be elected.

by Hyphenman on Jun 17, 2016

This is a radical departure for me and for this blog. Hyphenman over the years has resisted the temptation to write about anything except writing and editing. Until now.

That’s because there has never been a presidential candidate like Donald Trump. Until now.

I am primarily a liberal, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, a liker of Hillary Clinton. I despise the Tea Party and particularly the neo-Nazi Paul Ryan.

But I plan on voting for Donald Trump.

Many of my reasons coincide with the electorate at large. Many of them don’t.

What primarily prompts me to come to Trump’s defense is the biased, one-sided, and all-out hateful coverage of MSNBC, which is normally my favorite news station.

But in covering Trump – in savaging him and distorting his words at every turn – MSNBC has proven to be as despicable and unfair as Fox News.

Take his stance on Muslims, a view he has modified over the course of the campaign. Rather than an outright ban, which he originally proposed and which would never fly anyway, he has proposed screening the ones who apply for admission to the United States.

So where’s the harm? Every terrorist killer, with the notable exception of cuckoo Timothy McVeigh, who has inflicted death and destruction on this country has been a Muslim. We invite more calamity and more tragedy if we DON’T screen them.

Compare that to Hillary Clinton’s “solution.” She wants to embrace all Muslims with open arms, work with them, make them feel like a vital part of America, then elicit their help to ferret out the suspicious and dangerous ones in their ranks.

Fine. But has that worked? Have we ever had a government policy that singled out and discriminated against Muslims? Have we ever gotten help from them in locating suspected terrorists?

[CONTINUED] What Muslims would betray their religion by ratting out a fellow believer based on nothing more than suspicion?

That’s why we need a radically different approach. It’s not a question of whether Donald Trump’s solution will work. It’s more a matter that Hillary Clinton’s same old-same old policy won’t.

That’s precisely why Donald Trump will be elected. Americans, both liberals and conservatives alike, are fed up with Beltway Business As Usual.

The fact that Donald Trump changes his positions – “lies” in the words of Lawrence O’Donnell and other MSNBC commentators – is a positive rather than a negative. It demonstrates that he’s fluid and flexible.

An astute, intelligent, and fair commentator would have seen this, but none of them did. What I’m talking about is that Donald Trump is the Muhammad Ali of politics.

He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Muhammad Ali died June 3, 2016. The outpouring of praise and high regard belies the attitude of White America at the onset of his career. Like Trump, he was regarded as brash, provocative, polarizing, and obnoxious. He bucked the system, converting to Islam, changing his name, and getting arrested for draft evasion.

Yet time, along with his Parkinson’s disease, has rewritten history, healed all wounds, and converted him into a hero of mythic proportion.

Faced with another brash upstart, the pundits and commentators refuse to see, to understand, or to even make a stab at fairness.

Take, for example, the statement that Trump is a racist and ethnically biased. He referred to the judge in the Trump University case as “Mexican” and the Orlando mass murderer as “Afghan,” even though both men were born in the States.

That’s just silly. And scurrilous. Native-born Americans of Italian descent refer to themselves as “Italian.” Cuban-Americans refer to themselves as “Cuban.” They are proud of their heritage and typically boast about it.

In the Trump University case, which the media has devoured even though Trump’s role is at best minimal, the same as any celebrity who lends his name to an enterprise, Trump feels the judge should recuse himself. That’s because several rulings have gone against Trump.

Trump’s argument is that the judge (Gonzalo Curiel) is of Mexican descent, NOT a Mexican, as the media has consistently reported, and Trump has made many statements that could be construed as anti-Mexican, not the least of which is to build a wall to separate the United States from Mexico.

He has also attacked illegal immigration and the exporting of jobs to foreign countries, both of which would have a substantial impact on Mexico.

So is the judge biased? Who knows? He might even be subconsciously biased for the attack on his heritage and because Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

I don’t go along with Trump on all of the issues he has propounded, the same as I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton on every issue.

But what, well, trumps the pack are his stances on terrorism and immigration. I’m heavily influenced by living in Miami, a region that for all intents and purposes has quietly and legally seceded from the United States.

In the name of Cuban patriotism, full-fledged terrorists not only live and thrive among us in Miami, but on those rare occasions when they have been arrested, they have gotten off scot free, free to go on killing and maiming and bombing.

What’s more, even peace-loving and law-abiding immigrants have no incentive – nor desire – to learn the language of their adopted country. I run into immigrants every day in stores, banks, and on the street who speak not a word of English.

We obviously can’t send them back to where they came from, but we can do something. Donald Trump is the only candidate to even talk about doing something.

On the issue of terrorism, Donald Trump is the only candidate brave enough and brash enough to suggest a method of combating Isis that this band of cutthroats and hooligans who have no scruples or moral compunction can understand.

Kill their families. Is that brutal and savage and barbaric? Of course it is. But would such a Black Ops procedure be effective? It ought to be. And it would certainly be more effective than anything tried or considered so far.

How can you respond in a civilized manner to indiscriminate killing and televised beheadings of innocent people? Is it time to pull out the stops to combat this evil incarnate? I believe it is.

If Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign has proven nothing else, even to the skeptics and naysayers, it has proven, time and again, that he is a fighter.

And that’s what America needs. Not a milquetoast, a compromiser, or an accommodator, but a fully armed fighter ready to do battle. If necessary.

The media doesn’t, can’t, and won’t grasp it, but I think the American public, able to see past the lies, distortions, and bias, can, will, and does. Come November, we’ll see.


FINAL SAY: Donald Trump’s race for the White House is a test of the media. If he wins, they lose.

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